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Win Any Contest!

Have you participated in any contest and need more votes/likes for your entry? If so then you have come to right place. Our Service is Cheapest, Fast, Safe & Reliable. We can do any Type of votes for all kinds of contests.



What do I need to do for you to start work?
For Contest Votes, You have to send us complete Instructions of required steps that we need to complete a vote.

How do I send you the Instructions/URL?
Once you have made the payment you can send us the Instructions/URL by sending us an email at support@ozsocial.com.au We will also email you to confirm your order and ask for your Instructions/UR to begin the campaign.

How long will it take to complete my order?
Delivery time varies on the service you have ordered and package you have selected.
  For Contest Votes, 5-48 hours. If your contest deadline is near and you need urgent votes please let us know.
  For Photo Likes, 1-48 hours after we receive your order

If you are in hurry and want your order to be completed faster then please contact us before making the order or you can ping us on Live Chat. We will tell you if we can complete your order in required time or not.

Do you provide any guarantee to make me winner of the contest?
NO, We do not provide a guarantee that you will win the contest. We will simply deliver you the quantity ordered. You need to make your own calculations as to how many & in how much time you would require the votes/likes to win the contest. We are not responsible whether you lose or win in anyway.

If I get disqualified from contest for purchasing likes/votes then will I get refund?
No, We will not be responsible whether if get disqualified, lose or win in anyway as it would be your decision to buy likes/votes. We will simply deliver you the quantity ordered. We deliver all the votes safely by using Unique IP’s and we take all the required measures to make to vote as realistic as possible.

What if my votes get deleted after you complete my order?
If your order was completed by our team and your votes get decreased/deleted later on then we will not be responsible for it. We suggest you to contact them contest organiser for help.  We can’t issue a refund or deliver votes again unless you place a new order with us as it will require the same amount of effort.

Do you need my profile password?
NO. We only need the Instructions/URL of the contest/photo on which you want us to work.

What contest votes/photos you will not accept?
Normally We can deliver votes to any contest but there can be some exceptions so it depends upon contest to contest and for photo likes, we cannot do likes on private photos as such photos can be liked only by friends. So You need to provide us with URL of Public photo.
Will the Votes be from Unique IP Addresses?
Yes, We deliver all the votes from Unique IP’s. So you don’t need to worry about that.

Is there any way that my profiles to be banned from using this service?
NO. We only relay on genuine accounts, we don’t use any kind of robot to deliver likes, we don’t break any of Facebook’s Terms of Service, so there is no risk in having your account banned. Please check our other satisfied clients testimonials to see our services are 100% safe.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept PayPal payments.

Where is your company based in?
Our company is based in Australia.

Will likes/votes come from Real accounts?
All the likes will be from 100% Real accounts and active Facebook users. Contest votes will be done from Real looking accounts. All the votes are done Manually without using any software.

At what speed will my photo receive likes?
As these will be from 100% Real accounts and when we start our massive promotion, likes start coming at very fast speeds.

Will I receive an email when I place the order and when my order gets completed?
Yes, We always send you an email when we receive your order and also when your order gets completed.
Why do I trust you guys?
We are a professional Australian company who believes in 100% customer satisfaction and building long term relationships with our customers. We have been delivering likes/votes from over 3 years. You will always receive what you pay for. So You don’t need to worry at all when you choose us.

Will these likes stay on my photo for long time?
Our likes will stay on your photo as long as the contest is active or photo is not deleted by anyone.
Does your service works only for Facebook contests?
No, We can do votes on almost all type of online contest which require sign up via email etc..

Can I get votes on multiple entries in single order?
We accept only 1 entry per order. If you need votes on more entries then you will need to place separate orders for separate entries. So in 1 order you can provide us with any 1 entry on which you need votes and we will get started on your order.

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Our Guarantee

At OzSocial, we have two simple guarantees. Firstly, we guarantee that you'll receive exactly what you paid for, or more (we usually overdeliver on fan packages). Plus, we also guarantee you'll be happy with your purchase, both in terms of the quality of the work, and customer service. If, for whatever reason, you aren't happy with the work that we've done, please get in touch with our support team so we can discuss the issue further.