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There are those of us who don’t want half measures. What’s the point of setting up a Facebook page and then trying to make do with a middling approach? All in, is their motto.

We like those folks. For them, we’ve created our Social Media Management Package.

What You Get

- 28 weekly Facebook posts – high-quality, interesting content custom-created for your business and community – 4 posts per day, seven days a week. Remember what we said about consistency being the key? We weren’t kidding, and you don’t get more consistent than seven days a week. People looking for information, content, conversation and answers will begin to know that your site is always humming.

- Daily check-ins on your page to review, moderate, and respond to all comments and requests. A lively response to your users will encourage them to come back more often, and recommend your page to others.

- Creation of 3 high-quality graphics per week. The Internet is all about images. People don’t mind reading, but too much text is fatiguing – graphics add oomph to your page and draw the eye much more quickly than headlines or pull-quotes. Our custom graphics can include:

◦   new profile pictures

◦   banners

◦   timeline covers

◦   infographics

- Facebook ad management and a minimum $30 of Facebook ad budget for a steady increase in the number of fans and engagement

Bonus: Twitter Inclusion

If you’re not including Twitter in your business’s social network marketing plan, you’re missing out. The end of Q3, 2013 saw over 230 million active Twitter users(1), so if you’re not reaching out to them, you should be. In the Social Media Management Package, we’ll repurpose your Facebook content in a way that Twitter users love, and we’ll blast it to your Twitter followers too. We’ll also shuffle the posts around so that you’ll have different content appearing on Facebook and Twitter each day.

If you don’t already have a Twitter account for your business, we’ll create one for you as part of the included Free Account Setup.

Dedicated Contact Person

Most importantly, the Social Media Management Package gives you a dedicated contact person you can contact at any time. If you have custom content you want folded into the page, just email your contact person and it’s taken care of.

FREE Account Setup

This is a weekly plan, leaving full control in your hands. Cancel at any time through our site or through PayPal.

And you still get the 110% Guarantee: If you don’t like the first week’s work we give you, keep it and cancel and we’ll refund 110% of the price to you.

We don’t kid around. Neither should you.

Please note: This is a weekly fee, full details will be request once you have placed your order and paid for your first week. 

Details we'll ask for:

- Facebook Page Address (or we can create one for you)

- Twitter Page Address (or we can create one for you)

- LinkedIn Page Address (or we can create one for you)

- Business Website Address:

- Information About Your Business:

Anything you can tell us will be helpful. Your target market, the style of posts you prefer, suggested topics, anything! We’ll always write the best posts that we can specifically for your business, so any information you give us will help us to make this work for you.

   - Company/Business Name

   - Contact Name

   - Contact Email

We will contact you by email to arrange admin access to your Facebook account. This is a simple process that does not involve giving us your Facebook password. If you have also chosen to use Twitter and LinkedIn, we will also discuss gaining access to these accounts.

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Our Guarantee

At OzSocial, we have two simple guarantees. Firstly, we guarantee that you'll receive exactly what you paid for, or more (we usually overdeliver on fan packages). Plus, we also guarantee you'll be happy with your purchase, both in terms of the quality of the work, and customer service. If, for whatever reason, you aren't happy with the work that we've done, please get in touch with our support team so we can discuss the issue further.