Refund Policy

We gauge a customer's eligibility for a refund based on the reason they provide us, as set out below.

Purchased Amount not Received

If a customer has not received the amount of Fans that they purchased, they are entitled to a percentage refund for the Likes that they did not receive. A refund can only be offered if OzSocial is unable to rectify the issue with the customer, through finalising the remaining Fans.

'Fake' Fans

OzSocial provides a 100% refund guarantee on purchases if the Fans provided are not genuine. Please note that if a profile does not have a profile picture, or lacks a desired feature, that does not necessarily mean it is fake - OzSocial cannot prevent anyone (apart from exempt countries) from becoming a fan of a page.
A refund for this reason will be given once evidence has been provided (and verified, as per our definition of real fans).

Change of Mind

A refund cannot be offered if the customer simply changes their mind - once payments are made, they are final.

Incorrect Charge

If you have been charged incorrectly as a fault of OzSocial, a refund can and will be offered. However, incorrect charges made by our relevant merchant partners should be directed to the relevant merchant.

For all other refund requests, OzSocial will evaluate the situation and make a decision based on the reasoning offered by the customer. In most cases, refunds are offered.

Refund requests should be filed, in writing, to the Customer Service Department.


Our Guarantee

At OzSocial, we have two simple guarantees. Firstly, we guarantee that you'll receive exactly what you paid for, or more (we usually overdeliver on fan packages). Plus, we also guarantee you'll be happy with your purchase, both in terms of the quality of the work, and customer service. If, for whatever reason, you aren't happy with the work that we've done, please get in touch with our support team so we can discuss the issue further.