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Socialbakers is busy tallying data about the posting habits of the brands nominated for our very first Smart Social Marketers Awards. Hundreds of brands are already vying to find out who keeps their audiences most frequently engaged!

While the Smart Social Marketer Award will only recognize brand page performance on Facebook, we wanted to use the same methodology and apply it to YouTube videos in order to demonstrate how the idea of posting often and posting well applies to all brand pages across social media.

Our report aimed to find what length the videos garnering the most views were, while also finding which length video was posted most frequently in this sample. Is there a correlation between the two? Do the industries that post the most post the best? Read on!

We broke the videos down according to length. The majority of brand videos are somewhere between 31 and 120 seconds long.

We broke the videos down according to length. The majority of brand videos are somewhere between 31 and 120 seconds long.

  • The most commonly viewed videos are 31–60s long (32% of all views)
  • The shortest videos are generally the least commonly watched
  • Videos longer than 5 minutes are the next least commonly watched, but that does not hold true for all industries.
  • Despite there being fewer videos in the 31 to 60 second range than in the 61 to 90 second range, the former category took on more views than the latter.

How did different Industry tallies reveal posting success or difficulties? Let's find out with the following pie charts.

The Electronics industry generates the most videos and the most views. And even though the Beauty industry produces only 9% of all videos, they account for 12% of all views.

For the sake of visual ease, we had to condense less prolific video producers and engagement gatherers into an overarching ‘Others’ category, but it had some highlights within it. For instance, the Alcohol industry produces just 2% of all videos, but received a 4% share of all branded views. Not bad!

On the other hand, the Telecom and Finance industries are posting a lot, but not that well; Telecom posts 13% of all videos, but for that mass of production receives only 10% of all interactions, while Finance posts 10% of all videos, and only accounts for 5% of all video views.

Other Find


We also broke Industry-specific video performance down by length, and found that – for instance – the Fashion industry performs far better than any other in the shortest video segment, which ranges from 0 to 15 seconds. Only the Software and Services industries performed best outside of the 31 to 90 second frame, going instead for longer videos up to 5:00.

There is one extra tidbit we'd like to include in this report, as you start thinking of which brands you'll nominate for the Smart Social Marketing Awards, and brainstorm about what you can do to get the highest engagement out of your multiple daily posts – titles! Here are the ones that grabbed the most YouTube users' attentions:


Posted On: 31/05/2014

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